Chameleon Means Control - Adaptability

For some companies technology is a necessity – for others a necessary evil. Cost and expertise have become incredible barriers when it comes to getting and staying ahead.

That’s why we developed the Chameleon Software Suite – its intelligent architecture and modular construction adapts to your brand, your budget and your existing back-end technologies.

We can help you improve upon service, develop entirely new revenues streams and lock your customers down for life.

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Customer Feedback

You've saved us so much money we need to be buying you lunch.
Ron Eggersrich - President - SlipStreamer
Convenience, options and incredible rates- it's my guess that your application has saved me about three hours a day.
Bob Moline - Shipping Manager - Packaging Concepts
Your system is adaptable, usable and profitable... it's helped us improve upon service, uncover additional business opportunities and develop entirely new revenue streams within an otherwise dreary marketplace.
Mike Abbott - President - The SAV Transportation Group
Your platform is easy to use and it provides abundant carrier options - now it's time to get our vendors enrolled in your program.
Laura Bernier - Procurement Officer - Taber Bushnell
In my position, I used a variety of online shipping tools... your applications are the easiest to use and you provide the best range of options.
Mike Rahdi - Shipping Manager - Secoa Products
I am impressed with what you've put together - a winning combination that includes a user-friendly system, abundant carrier options and highly competitive rates!
Ben Christian - Purchasing Manager - Lexington Manufacturing