SAVTech has a secret…

We’re a transportation technologies company that creates integrated solutions designed to meet your shipping, operations and customer service needs.

Our Chameleon Software Suite(TM) has been designed to help you streamline the shipping process, improve communications and enhance your quality of service. You can learn more about the solutions we’ve developed for some of our clients below…

Best Buy

Best BuyWith operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, China and Mexico, Best Buy is a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services with a commitment to growth and innovation.

The Best Buy family of brands and partnerships collectively generates more than $45 billion in annual revenue and includes brands such as: Audiovisions, Carphone Warehouse, Future Shop, Geek Squad, Jiangsu Five Star, Magnolia Audio Video, Napster, Pacific Sales, and Phone House.

Recognized as “carrier of the year” in 2008, SAV is a preferred carrier within the Best Buy carrier network. We provide remote management services for the continued movement of high-value electronics from Best Buy’s preferred vendors to its distribution centers.

Since communication and documentation are essential to Best Buy’s supply chain function, SAV has configured their transportation management software to deliver real-time status alerts and monthly load summaries to the Best Buy Traffic Team. The two parties meet on a quarterly basis to review service and improve upon process.


BIOFILMLocated in Cartagena, Colombia, BIOFILM is Latin America’s largest exporter of bio-oriented films. With on-going sales in North, Central, South America and Europe, it can truly be said that have become a major player in the international BOPP marketplace. The SAV Transportation Group manages the inbound transport of raw materials for BIOFILM from Mexico into Texas and then all the way in to its final destination.

When BIOFILM executives needed to streamline their supply chain and improve communications and billing processes SAVTech set up a continuous email “push” along with a customized report format that enables BIOFILM’s traffic department to control the inbound flow of materials and communicate with SAV’s AR and AP departments directly.

Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP)

Council of Supply Chain Management ProfessionalIn addition to this, we created a web site and have been the go to Internet partner for our local CSCMP (Counsel of Supply Chain Management Professionals) roundtable.

In addition to “refreshing” the site’s look and feel, we incorporated a content management system that enables them to make their own changes immediately along with a new seminar calendar and a member’s only area that allows for secure access to documents and member benefits.

Distribution By Air (DBA)

Distribution By AirlDistribution by Air (DBA) has a long standing reputation as an outstanding transportation company. With a nationwide network of 21 independent offices, they serve the continental United States as a domestic and international air freight forwarder providing time-definite services.

DBA partnered with SAVTech to provide less-than-truckload (LTL) services and manage the expedited movement of exhibit properties to and from convention centers.

In support of their new transportation “partner” SAVTech built a custom-branded shipping portal for DBA and configured the Chameleon Software Platform(TM) to support DBA’s entire office network.

DBA’s office managers can search rates and move freight, and SAV handles all dispatch, billing and claims issues. DBA’s corporate office get complete visibility of their entire network’s activity, and their custom corporate shipping portal delivers alerts, reports and detailed management summaries on a frequent and regular basis.


FASTSIGNSSince they opened their first sign center in 1985, FASTSIGNS® has become a leader in one of the world’s most dynamic franchised industries with a network that spans the globe.

Their franchised centers use state-of-the-art computer technology to create custom signs and graphics for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

FASTSIGNS® partnered with SAV to bring value to their franchisees and eliminate complexities and costs. SAV will deliver a custom corporate shipping portal and configure the Chameleon Software Platform(TM) to serve FASTSIGNS® franchisees.

The parties have planned the roll-out for January of 2011 and once the program goes “active” FASTSIGNS® associates from over 550 independent franchises will be able to arrive at the FASTSHIPPER(TM) portal and access real-time rates from over 23 common carriers.

FASTSIGNS® franchisees will “share” a uniformly branded application but credit, dispatch and billing will be handled on an independent “store level” basis. Not only will the independent franchisees benefit from the power of their collective “spend” they’ll be able to transport their products in a quick and efficient manner.

Global Market Development Center (GMDC)

Global Market Development CenterBased in Denver Colorado, the Global Market Development Center (GMDC) is the premier global trade association dedicated to serving General Merchandise and Health Beauty Wellness retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.

They promote critical thinking and help grow their member companies by providing training, education and information resources.

GMDC partnered with SAVTech to provide a value-added benefit to their membership. SAV has configured the Chameleon Software Platform(TM) to create custom branded shipping portals for nearly 700 individual users and the parties are working together to create a strategic and tactical roll-out plan.

GMDC will introduce the program with a letter to their general membership, and the SAVTech marketing group will provide a customized tutorial. GMDC members will be able to access custom-branded portals for real-time rates, dispatch and tracking and the SAVTech Helpdesk will provide 24/7 support.


HotlinesWith over twenty years in the auto salvage industry HOTLINES owns and controls an online community consisting of over eight hundred “subscribers” from both automobile and motorcycle recycling yards. They provide an online application that enables these subscribers to search and source parts from a shared virtual inventory. Each and every day thousands of parts searches take place on their platform with a great portion of those searches lead to actual “transactions” between online buyers and sellers. Hotlines partnered with the SAV Transportation Group to build a custom-branded shipping portal that brings a “managed solution” to over 865 online subscribers. Users can log into the Hotlines platform, search for their desired part, and get a real-time freight quote for their transportation rates. The Hotshipper(TM) platform welcomes their subscribers as users and extends a personal line of credit to them – with only a few quick clicks, they can get their rates, move their freight, and track their critical shipments. is the Premier Internet site for locating used auto parts. They specialize in linking buyers with sellers of used auto parts, but visitors can also locate used Truck, ATV and Motorcycle parts on the very same site.

SAV partnered with to provide an on-board shipping solution that provides users real-time access to preferred rates from a variety of truckload, less-than-truckload and specialty carriers. users can get real-time rates from over twenty-five common LTL carriers providing national, regional and micro-regional service along with next-tier pricing from both FedEx and DHL. users can also get an instant insurance quote from a supplemental insurance policy offered by Wells Fargo Insurance Services. This zero-deductible policy covers new and used commodities and is perfect for shipping doors, hoods, clips, fenders and body panels.

Upon completion of their integration efforts, SAV assisted in promoting their application to its members. The SAV marketing team crafted the initial roll-out letters, made orientation calls to vendors and developed both a SMART SHIPPING GUIDE and a NEW USER TUTORIAL to help orient new users to the system.

If you would like to review the tutorial it can be accessed at:

Quality Bicycle Parts (QBP)

QBPQuality Bicycle Parts (QBP) is the shop behind America’s bicycle shops…

Serving more than 5,000 independent retailers across the country they are the industry’s go-to source for accessories, apparel and bicycle parts, QBP has an ultra-modern distribution center and uses state-of-the-art design and materials to save energy and significantly reduce their impact on the environment. They sponsor pedestrian-related events and devote time, money and sweat to trail-building programs and projects.

QBP wanted to gain more control over their inbound freight and is always interested in new ways to control their costs and carbon footprint. They were looking for a “sole source” that could bring forth a managed solution that would streamline their supply chain and improve the quality of service they provide to their national dealer network.

SAVTECH interviewed QBP “stakeholders” and conducted an in-depth analysis of carriers, costs, and shipping methodologies.

SAVTECH then worked with QBP’s traffic team to arrive at guidelines and parameters for a managed transportation solution and configured our proprietary platform with pertinent shipping details. QBP advised vendors to move freight through the shipping portal and we leverage our online system and process to provide complete “visibility” of those vendor shipping activities to their people behind the scenes.

United States Beverage (USB)

USBBased in Stanford Connecticut, United States Beverage (USB) is dedicated to aggressively building brands within the premium beverage segment.

With nearly fifty years experience within the premium beverage industry, their company consists of a team of top management professionals knowledgeable in all aspects of the beverage business including sales, marketing, brand development, distribution, production, and customer relations.

Their portfolio includes a variety of premium imported beers and regional craft beers including such as Barons, Black Dog Ale, Estrella Damm and La Brasseurs de Gayant.

SAV provides a remotely managed solution in which they oversee the transport of premium beer (container freight) from East and West coast ports to a variety of independent distribution centers through the United States.

They oversee the “routing” process to bring optimal efficiency to the process and alerts, reports and detailed management summaries are distributed to key stakeholders throughout the USB supply chain on a case-by-case basis.


Vander Haag’s began as Junkyard in Sanborn, Iowa in 1939 under the vision of John C. VanderHaag and has become a recognized leader in the Heavy Duty Truck Parts Industry. They have six Midwest facilities with fifty service bays and over thirty certified technicians working in full service body shops with oversized paint booths and computerized alignment racks.

In addition to this, they have an extensive inventory of new, used and aftermarket truck parts and a state-of-the-art rebuilding facility with a full inventory of rebuilt engines, transmissions and differentials that allows them to get inactive trucks, trailers and equipment up and running again as soon as possible.

Vanderhaags’ logistics team needed to improve the flow of product for inbound, out-bound and intra-facility transfers and streamline their overall supply chain. In addition to this, they wanted to improve visibility, reduce costs and gain control over unnecessary shipping activities.

SAV partnered with their logistics team to implement a solution that enables Vanderhaags employees access the Virtual Shipping Assistant within the familiar workflow of their already-existing ITrak Pro Parts Inventory software.

Carriers and rates (from both SAV and Vanderhaags) were loaded behind-the-scenes to allow Vanderhaags employees to access over fifty pre-approved carrier options and select the best prevailing rates. In addition to this, SAV incorporated a DHL International Parcel Shipping Option and a Wells Fargo supplemental Insurance option as integrated solutions within the custom Vanderhaags platform.

The parties worked together to craft the company’s first-ever routing guide and SAV associates toured the various facilities to orient admin, sales, parts and shipping departments to both the program and the- shipping platform.  

 The SALES PROS can get a real-time rate quote WHILE they are on the sales call and do so in less than ten seconds. In the event the sale is made, they can even tender the shipment without leaving the workflow.

 The SHIPPING MANAGERS get smart shipping alerts though SAV’s Constant Contact™ process. They are no-longer burdened with literally dozens of daily requests for rate quotes from their sales associates and appreciate the fact that claims can be satisfactorily resolved in days and weeks instead of months and years through their new Wells Fargo Insurance Option.

 The ACCOUNTS PAYABLE TEAM has direct contact to SAV’s Administrative team – they receive a consolidated billing statement and can request daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly load summary reports.

And finally, the VANDERHAAGS LOGISTICS MANAGER has all of the facilities shipping in harmony as per the defined corporate routing guide and can rest assured in knowing that none of his vendors will ever mark up his inbound freight because it is moving through his corporate freight portal by his carriers under his contracted rates.

VANDERHAAGS is now in a position to leverage their collective spend from inbound, outbound and intra-facility shipments and has signed a letter of authorization allowing SAV’s MSG group to negotiate with carriers on their behalf. SAV will stay in touch with these carriers and renegotiate rates and the captured collective spend increases.

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