The Chameleon Software Suite™ includes a “host” of flexible management tools that bring visibility, velocity, and value to your supply chain!

Our system has been designed by shippers for shippers so it’s extremely easy to use. Its intuitive navigation structure guides you through the process allowing you to make informed decisions for your truckload, less-than-truckload and small parcel activities.

Increase Bandwidth

We’ve had more than a few reports from capable shipping managers stating that our platform has helped them reclaim a major portion of their day….

Those who are using our generic version cite convenience, options, and rates and those who are using our branded versions appreciate the control, visibility and cost savings they have been able to achieve as a result of using our platform.

Optimize Your Infrastructure

It’s a web-based shipping application that will “compliment” your existing traffic team…

You’ll be able to streamline the shipping process, improve communications and enhance your quality of service. It will provide you more control over your carriers and more visibility of your shipments and help you drive proactive communications all throughout your supply chain.

Gain More Control of Your Inbound Freight

The #1 trend that we’re seeing among shippers is that they need more control and visibility than ever before. Many of their departments have been “streamlined” by the economy and they have a much greater need to achieve cost savings by bringing their inbound freight under control.

Our suite can be set up as a “supplier portal” and we have more than a few examples of how it’s been used to “force” compliance and bring inbound vendor shipments quickly under control.

  • You can use our generic version OR your own branded version of the platform.
  • You can use our carriers and rates OR you can use your own carriers and rates.
  • We can provide you basic alerts and standard reports OR integrate to your back-end operational platform so you can optimize your own alerts, reports and tracking mechanisms.
  • You can use your own dispatch and billing process OR rely on dispatch, billing, audit and payment options from one of the capable vendors within our preferred vendor network.